Madie Ives is located at 20770 Northeast 14th Avenue in North Miami Beach, Florida. The school occupies 8.57 acres of land that stretches out to Ives Dairy Road and lies adjacent to the Dade and Broward County line.  According the local Chamber of Commerce, in 1922, Ms. Madie C. Ives owned a herd of two hundred Jerseys’ and Holstein cows that she used to operate a dairy farm.

Ives Dairy Farm was the first dairy in Dade County to receive a “Certified” rating, given by a group of medical doctors.  The rating was as a result of the dairy having milk with the lowest bacterial count.  Years later, Ms. Ives began to experiment with milking machines and as history tells it may have been the first in Dade County to use this method.   In addition to the dairy farm Ms. Madie C. Ives raised cowpeas for hay, corn, sunflowers for silage, and experimented with various grasses.  As a result of her business savvy and compassion for education Ms. Madie C. Ives donated the 8.57 acres of land and earmarked it to be utilized for educational purposes only.

The stakeholders of Madie Ives K-8 salute Ms. Madie C. Ives, a Dade County business owner pioneer who brought into existence the birth of Madie Ives Elementary School in 1957.

Madie Ives K-8 Preparatory Academy

20770 N.E. 14 Avenue

North Miami Beach, Florida 33179

PH: 305-651-3155