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School’s mission

The mission of Brophy College Preparatory is to form men and women of character for a better world. The school is part of a Jesuit school system. Its mission is to help transform community members into men and women for others. This mission has become the school’s motto.

Brophy offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Students can participate in AIA and club sports, robotics, choir, speech and debate, and theater. They can also join Mock Trials and Model UN. Brophy offers an extensive athletic program for both boys and girls.

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The school seeks to develop the whole person by teaching students to think critically, serve others, and build their social and emotional intelligence. Its students are encouraged to engage in community service and religious activities. The school’s mission is inspired by St. Ignatius’ motto, “Forging Men for Others.” The school’s mission is to educate students of all socio-economic backgrounds. Its students become discerning thinkers and leaders in the global community.

Brophy is a Jesuit school. The school inherits the 500-year-old vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola, who founded the Society of Jesus. He believed a solid educational foundation is vital for a person’s spiritual formation.

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In addition to offering first-year college courses, Brophy has a tuition-free middle school, Loyola Academy, where boys with academic promise and verified needs can enroll. Founded in 1928, the school grew into a successful educational institution. Today, the school enrolls around 1,400 students and has over 15,000 alums. In 2011, it added the Loyola Academy to its campus.

Student-teacher ratio

Brophy College Preparatory is a private school in Phoenix, Arizona, with an enrollment of 1,391 students in grades Kindergarten through eighth. Its student-teacher ratio is 15.0 to one. The school does not have a library and is predominantly Roman Catholic. Students can benefit from diversity within the school, and it is committed to helping students achieve academic success.

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Students and teachers at Brophy College Preparatory are highly-qualified and passionate about their subjects. They have been trained to provide their students with the highest level of education. The school is also known for its strong academic reputation. The student-teacher ratio at Brophy is high, and students can expect individualized attention.

Cheating scandal

A cheating scandal has broken out at Brophy College Preparatory. Principal Bob Ryan notified parents about the scandal before the May 20 graduation ceremony. The students who were caught will face the consequences. However, the scandal will have a lasting impact on the school. Parents should check with their children and find out if they were involved.

Students from the prestigious private school Brophy College Preparatory were reportedly bribing classmates to complete online tests and do homework for them. The scandal was uncovered when the school’s principal sent a letter to parents revealing that students had been paying other students to do their homework and take online tests.

Brophy has asked parents to contact their children to find out if they have been involved in the cheating scandal. The school also promised to hold those students accountable for their actions. A recent online education company, Wily, found that 93% of instructors said cheating was more widespread online than in classrooms. Further, 60% of instructors said that open-book exams would prevent cheating.

In addition to the cheating scandal at Brophy College Preparatory, several other private Jesuit-run Catholic high schools across the Valley have also been accused of cheating. According to the school’s website, students paid other students to complete their online homework and assessments. Although this is not considered illegal, it may lead to the expulsion of some students.

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