10 Mind-Blowing Cleaning Hacks That Will Change the Way You Clean Your Home Forever

1. Say Goodbye to Burnt Pans Forever with this Surprising Hack

I know the feeling of burning food and having it stick to the pan. Recently, I burnt some eggs in my stainless steel pan and wasn’t sure how to clean it. I normally use the “deglazing” method by pouring water and boiling it, but this time the eggs were really burnt and scorched into the bottom of the pan. I decided to try something new and added white vinegar to the water. I didn’t measure the ratio exactly, but it was probably around 80% water and 20% vinegar. And it worked like a charm! The before and after results were night and day. The burnt bits came right off and the pan looked like new. It’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve for cleaning kitchen mishaps.


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