The Dark Side of Winning Big: 12 Jackpot Winners Who Blew Their Fortune

1. Jane Park

Jane Park won and bought a Euromillions ticket in 2013. It looked like a miracle, but she won £ 1 million! The girl was just 17 at that time. Later she confessed that she would be glad never to buy that ticket!

Most of her money she spent on plastic surgeries. Jane had a bum lift and then enjoyed the great Brazilian butts because it turned out, she got sepsis. The illness almost killed her. Later she did another bum lift, breast augmentation, and other cosmetics surgeries. In general, she spent £50, 000 on the bodywork.
Money brought Jane many other problems. She had a row with her parents, who didn’t like her way to spend the winnings. Then, she blew a lot of money on gifts for her boyfriend. She gave the young man a Rolex watch and other luxurious presents till she understood, he was fishing for her money.

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