The Best Residential Prep Schools in the World

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There are some significantly top-quality residential prep schools around the world. These schools include Eton College, Westminster Academy, Choate Rosemary Hall, and Le Rosey. The following list is based on votes, which helps determine their rankings. Read on to learn more about these top-ranked schools.

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Le Rosey

Le Rosey is a residential prep school in Paris with a global outreach program. Its students are admitted from age eight to 18 and participate in a multilingual curriculum. The school has developed partnerships in Kenya, Mali, and Greece with refugee projects. As a result, its students expand their global perspective.

Le Rosey’s curriculum emphasizes art, music, and technology. There are 320 music lessons a week, and students can join a theater troupe. They can also learn to cook, draw, and use 3D printers. Students are also encouraged to explore their culture through their various trips. Le Rosey also offers multiple extracurricular activities, including swimming, badminton, and horse riding.

The school’s alums include several prominent families from around the world. Its former students are Aga Khan IV, King Albert II of Belgium, Aristotle Onassis, David Niven, Diana Ross, and John Lennon. The school also educated the Colombian heiress Tatiana Santo Domingo, who is now married to Italian entrepreneur Andrea Casiraghi.

Founded in 1880, Institut Le Rosey is Switzerland’s oldest and most expensive boarding school. Its alum list is also quite glamorous. The school has two campuses, one in Gstaad and the other in Rolle, Switzerland. It has around 400 students and divides them evenly between boys and girls.

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Le Rosey has been around for 120 years and benefits from central Europe and Paris’s artistic and cultural influence. Despite its high cost, it is considered one of the best residential prep schools in the world. Students from ordinary families have little chance of attending. Only about 30 students from ordinary families get to participate because their parents teach at the school. The rest of the students are paid full tuition.


Eton is one of the most prestigious residential prep schools in the world. The school has a rich history and is home to many famous alums. It is an exclusive boarding school for boys ages 13 to 18 who wish to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Admission is competitive, and applications start at age 10; students must also pass aptitude tests and interviews. They must also pay an entrance fee of PS40,000, payable annually. As a result, Eton is an expensive school and is only for the most wealthy students.

Eton students can take part in many different extracurricular activities. They can participate in sports events, play sports, or attend a drama production. The school also has eight organs and an entire building dedicated to music. The College participates in several national music competitions and offers scholarships to young musicians.

Eton’s renowned athletics program features competitions in many sports. The school also holds inter-house sports and games. The boys wear tailcoats and top hats for special events. They wake up at 7:30 am and attend chapel at 8 am. During the evenings, they meet in houses for “prayer” and house meetings.

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The boarding school has a strong tradition of tradition. Students live in private rooms in one of 25 boarding houses led by a housemaster. Some boarding houses have personal chefs, while others send their children to the school cafeteria. There is also a Harry Potter-like rivalry between the houses on sports days.

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Choate Rosemary Hall

Choate Rosemary Hall is an elite school focusing on academic excellence and spiritual development. The school’s Spiritual Life program emphasizes modern moral norms, ethical practices, and dialogue between religions. The school’s staff believes that all confessions and denominations deserve respect. This is evidenced by the fact that many theologians and Roman Catholic services are held on campus.

Choate Rosemary Hall is one of America’s top boarding and day schools. The small size allows for personal attention and small-group instruction. This setting is ideal for kids who need to spend more time with a teacher than with large groups of classmates.

In June, the school’s two boards of trustees merge. Elizabeth Hyde Brownell ’21 becomes chair of the combined boards. The school adds a new arts credit to its graduation requirements. The school’s chapel attendance is no longer required, but students can still participate in the choir.

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Before applying to Choate, students should do their research. Learn about the school’s mission and history. Explore its academic programs and explore the campus. The admissions interview is an excellent opportunity to showcase your strengths. Taking the Admissions Prep Course will help you prepare for the interview.

Choate offers a variety of activities to keep students engaged, such as school-sponsored weekend trips and shopping trips. The school also has a student-run Tuck Shop and Choate Student Centre. Students are also encouraged to participate in sports and recreational activities. The school also hosts friendly competitions between dorms. The summer program allows students to gain practical experience and make friends in an international environment.

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The school opened for students in 1890. Its name comes from the farm where Mary Atwater Choate spent her childhood. The school opened in 1890 and welcomed eight girls. The school’s first Optima honor society was named after her. The school also started publishing a literary magazine, The Question Mark, which lasted until 1977. In 1898, the school hosted Mrs. Hazen’s School of Pelham Manor, which helped it become a top-rated girls’ school.

Westminster Academy

Westminster Academy in Simsbury, Connecticut, was established in 1888 as a boys’ guesthouse. It has since expanded to include girls’ training. The school emphasizes a liberal arts curriculum but also offers several enrichment activities. These include the WISE summer program, which puts students in close contact with faculty members, and the School Year Abroad, which provides the opportunity to study abroad in several countries.

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The Westminster School is one of the premier centers of academic excellence worldwide. Students are immersed in open-minded inquiry, rigorous discussion, and the search for explanations beyond the examination syllabus. They are taught in an environment that is stimulating and safe, and they are allowed to develop intellectually, physically, and spiritually. The school is also well-known for the richness and breadth of its extracurricular programs.

St. Andrew’s School

Based in Middletown, Delaware, St. Andrew’s School is a private, 100% boarding school. Its enrollment was 318 students in the 2022–2023 school year. Students enroll at the school through Forms III through VI.

The school is also known for its multi-sport program, which encourages students to become all-around athletes. Each student is required to participate in at least one sport throughout the school year, and the school offers competitive teams at third-, junior varsity-, and varsity-level. Its girls’ lacrosse team has gone undefeated seven times.

St. Andrew’s School was established in 1929. It is a private, Episcopal boarding school located in Middletown, Delaware. It serves 290 students in grades nine through twelve. It has a reputation for providing an exceptional education and a strong sense of community.

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