Which is the Best LSAT Prep Course in the US?

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While choosing a prep course, it’s essential to consider the quality of both the materials and the instructors. The Princeton Review is a popular choice among LSAT prep students because it provides a traditional classroom environment with a hardcopy lesson book and group engagement. The quality of its lesson materials and instructors is unmatched, and the company has extensive online resources for its students. These resources include hundreds of hours of video lectures and thousands of practice problems with excellent problem explanations.

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is known for its comprehensive study materials and in-person learning opportunities. Its live online and bite-sized videos keep students engaged and on task, and there are also quizzes to ensure that students have understood the material. The company also offers live office hours sessions with LSAT experts six days a week. These sessions can be recorded and viewed later if you prefer.

The Princeton Review offers four different LSAT prep courses. The most affordable is the Self-Paced course, which costs $799. This includes all the released LSAT questions and 150 hours of lessons. The more expensive systems include proctored exams and extensive scoring reports.

Princeton Review provides extensive study material and a comprehensive LSAT course. Its course has 150 hours of video content and over 8000 practice questions. Moreover, it tailors its content to fit individual learning styles. Its semi-private course has four students, meaning the tutor can devote more time to each student. The system includes a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

The Princeton Review is also an official LSAT prep course endorsed by the preeminent law school authority in the country. Its methods include videos, written explanations, graphics, and richly detailed explanations of concepts. The materials are easily accessible via a dashboard, and navigation is easy.

The Princeton Review offers three LSAT prep courses: a self-paced online course for $799, a 30-hour fundamentals course for $1,049, and an LSAT 165+ course with more than 80 hours of live classroom time for $1,499. If you decide to invest in a system with private tutoring, you can also pay extra to get one-on-one support from top scorers. Most of these programs come with money-back guarantees if you’re unhappy with the results. However, it’s important to remember that the best LSAT prep course depends on a student’s needs, budget, and goal score.

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The Princeton Review’s LSAT website includes a helpful progress tracker that shows how well you’re doing. It also offers a diagnostic test to determine your weak areas. If you’re above 165, then the Princeton Review’s LSAT 165+ prep course is the best choice. Kaplan also offers a high-quality, intensive study program for students who score 165 or higher.


The Magoosh LSAT prep course offers several benefits. Its content is similar to traditional LSAT courses, including 7,000+ real LSAT questions, 80+ full-length official LSATs, and video lessons. However, it lacks the extensive lesson plans and heavier materials of traditional courses.

Students will learn most of the material through video lectures. They will also take practice exams to make sure they are fully prepared. Students can also make use of Magoosh’s personalized study schedule. This study plan is helpful for students trying to memorize a particular concept. It won’t be easy to follow it to the letter, but it will help students get the essential information quickly.

Magoosh’s content can be viewed on any device with an internet connection. The videos are brief, so you can watch them whenever you find a few minutes to study. Magoosh offers a free seven-day trial. You can always cancel if you aren’t satisfied with the content or the course’s price. You’ll also receive access to 16 free videos. However, you’ll need to give your credit card information to access the rest of the course content.

Magoosh’s videos are an excellent way to learn the material and concepts of the LSAT. Its ninety-ninety-nine percentile instructor walks you through essential concepts and explains why they apply to the LSAT. The videos are mostly less than 10 minutes long, but some are up to 25 minutes long. Although most students find the videos helpful, some say the lectures can sometimes be boring.

Magoosh’s LSAT prep course is available online and in a mobile app. The system contains videos, digital flashcards, and text-based study material. It is offered on both Android and Apple devices. You can even download the content to view offline. Magoosh’s LSAT prep course also comes with a money-back guarantee.

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Magoosh’s LSAT prep course is very affordable. With several unique features and benefits, it is an excellent value for money. Premium one-month and twelve-month subscriptions cost $279 and $299, respectively.


The premium version of LSATMax gives students access to thousands of real LSAT practice questions and exam simulators. Students also receive over 100 hours of online classes and weekly office hours. In addition, they are provided with online support and a guarantee of raised scores. The premium course also offers an array of other benefits.

The course uses interactive and fun techniques to improve reasoning skills. It includes examples of flawed reasoning from real LSAT questions. One downside of the system is that it only offers access to the database one hundred days before the exam, which may be inconvenient for students who need more time to study.

LSATMax also offers a free mobile app. It can be used on any modern smartphone or tablet. You can also follow up with an instructor via office hours or the private message board. The LSATMax app is another bonus. It includes free video lessons, Logic Games, and daily drills. The app even has a tablet-LSAT practice mode.

LSATMax is an excellent combination of study materials and instructional methods. Using the course will alleviate much of the stress that many students experience when entering law school. Additionally, LSATMax hires 99th percentile instructors to teach the class. Moreover, the course materials are designed to simulate the LSAT test closely, which is an excellent benefit for test takers. Furthermore, the course comes with four full textbooks and over 90 practice tests, perfect for boosting scores.

Unlike most other courses, Blueprint is unique. It was created by actual LSAT instructors who aim to make the learning experience as fun as possible. They also use their experiences and knowledge to create a highly effective LSAT prep course. Its instructors have over eighty hours of training to ensure they can teach their students.

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The Princeton Review’s LSAT instructors are among the most experienced in the industry. They offer an invaluable combination of text-based materials, logic games, and test-takers study plans. They know how to prepare students for the exam and help them overcome their difficulties. The course also offers a customizable study schedule, learning calendar, and exclusive performance analysis tracker.

Manhattan Review

The Manhattan Review LSAT prep course offers online live training courses, private one-on-one tutoring, and in-person classes in 30 states nationwide. Its LSAT Classic Course provides 28 hours of instruction in eight sessions, while its Private Course allows students to choose their study schedule. Certified instructors teach the courses with high LSAT scores and a welcoming personality. Each class also comes with one free LSAT practice test. A practice test helps you determine your areas of improvement and what materials you need to work on.

The Manhattan Review LSAT prep course features expert instructors who help you build the necessary skills to pass the LSAT. Their materials are updated regularly to reflect changes to the LSAT. Manhattan also offers LSAT study books, other resources, and LSAT practice tests. Its prices are moderate, ranging from $100 to $200.

Students who have completed the Manhattan Review LSAT prep course have gone on to earn law degrees from prestigious law schools. Some alumni have attended Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of California-Berkeley. Others have chosen public or private sector careers. Some of these clients are still working as attorneys.

A Manhattan Review LSAT prep course uses interactive online videos to teach students how to answer questions using logical reasoning. The questions are pulled directly from previous exams, so students will be able to get used to the format of the LSAT test. The Manhattan Review LSAT prep course also includes exam-replicating reading passages to help students improve their understanding of how to answer the questions correctly.

The Manhattan Review LSAT prep course has two different levels of instructors. Students can sign up for individual tutoring sessions or join a group. They can use the online materials for online classes, and Manhattan Prep will match them with an instructor. Tutors will then use the materials and assign practice problems to students.

Students can also choose to take the Manhattan Review LSAT prep course independently. The LSAT INTERACT study is an excellent option for those who prefer to work at their own pace. It contains more than 60 hours of on-demand videos, a comprehensive set of printed books, and additional practice questions.

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