Why is Groton School Considered an Elite Prep School?

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If you have wondered, “Why is Groton School considered an elite prep school?” you’re not alone. In the early 1950s, a black student was admitted to Groton, and the school has since embraced diversity. In the 1999-2000 school year, 76 students of color attended the school – 22 percent of its student body. According to Steve Ruzika, director of the Association of Boarding Schools, the school made a conscious effort to attract a diverse student body. Despite these efforts, the schools continue to view themselves as academically elite despite their diversity, even though their enrollment is mainly white.

Dalton School

The Dalton School is considered an elite prep school in the greater New York City. However, its reputation as a place where students of color can succeed is at risk. The school has recently been criticized for its racial disparity and racism. The school is not the only school experiencing this problem.

A new film about the Dalton School has emerged. The movie “American Promise” is the culmination of a 12-year project by Brooklyn-based filmmakers. The film tells the story of a student from Dalton, Idris Brewster. Idris started at Dalton in kindergarten, and his best friend Seun left the school after the eighth grade. Seun later studied at Benjamin Banneker Academy and the State University of New York at Fredonia.

The school’s commitment to education excellence also extends to diversity. In 2011, the school’s incoming kindergarten class was comprised of 47 percent students of color, compared to 29 percent for independent schools in New York City. According to Ellen Stein, head of school, diversity encompasses more than just race. It also involves geographic, economic, and style variety.

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The Dalton School has been around for decades and is considered an elite prep school in New York City. The tuition at the school is $54,000 per year. The school sends 31 percent of its students to top universities. Some notable alumni include Claire Danes, Anderson Cooper, and Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan. Historically, the school has been out of reach for low-income and minority students.

Although tuition is expensive at Dalton, financial aid is available for qualified families. The average annual education at Dalton School for K-12 students is $12,350, while the tuition for high school students is nearly $16,500. In some areas of the country, the cost of private school can be much higher. For example, the Dalton School in New York City will cost $55,210 for the 2021-22 school year.

The Dalton School is an elite prep school located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Episcopalians founded the school in 1884. The school continues to emphasize its religious heritage. It also includes a study of the world’s religions in its chapel service. Furthermore, this school offers free tuition to students who meet specific requirements. The school is on 415 acres of green land, nestled into picturesque rolling hillsides.

St. Paul’s School

One of the most notable attributes of St. Paul’s School is its liberal Episcopal religious framework, which enables students of various faiths to live together in harmony. The school’s mandatory chapel consists of reading, a speech, or a music presentation. It also features community-wide announcements and the Harkness method, which encourages student interaction. Its average class size is 10-12, and students participate in intramural and interscholastic sports.

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The school is an elite institution, but it’s also a highly diverse one. Its students are comfortable with highbrow art and daily life and embrace the idea of privilege. The school’s tuition is over $40,000 annually, including room and board. Its website states education will increase to $62,000 in 2021-22.

Recent revelations about the school’s sexual culture have brought the school into the spotlight. The school rector, Michael Hirschfeld, will resign after the 2018-2019 school year. The rector has been at the school since 2001 and has not been charged with wrongdoing. However, the school has changed its training and zero-tolerance policy significantly.

Students are assigned to one of three clubs at St. Paul’s, including the boat club, choir, and sports teams. Families with alums can participate in some of these clubs if interested. There is also an active student council, which runs several activities, including a fall ball called Cocktails. The event is focused on fifth-year students, and an MC represents each form.

The school’s facilities are top-notch. It boasts an eight-lane competition swimming pool, a nine-hole regulation golf course, and four ponds. Its faculty members have advanced degrees. Its endowment is $40 million. Its tuition is $34,535 for the Upper School, and financial aid is available.

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Phillips Exeter Academy

Phillips Exeter Academy is among the most selective prep schools in the United States. The school is an Episcopal institution with a teacher-to-student ratio of 4:1. Its endowment is nearly $1 million per student. Its alums include former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Quentin Roosevelt, and Archibald Roosevelt.

The school opened its doors in 1781 and enrolls more than a thousand students from 34 countries today. The school is known for its academic excellence and offers more than 450 courses in 18 subject areas. Students participate in festivals, dances, and service activities during the school year. There are no uniforms, and students are encouraged to express their interests and participate in extracurricular activities. In addition, the school has a renowned art gallery.

The school has many unique features, including the chimes on the hour and class changes. The school’s chapel features a Lily of the Valley, and children of the faculty ride tricycles down the paths. Some students even wear pajamas and jackets to school.

A documentary about the school’s history, Best Intentions, shows that the school is very inclusive and tries to ensure every student succeeds. However, a paternalistic attitude ultimately contributed to Eddie Perry’s breakdown, despite his good academic record. Perry was soon to enter Stanford on a full scholarship. But while he was eager to achieve a degree, his four years at Exeter led him to become a victim of racial hatred. Some teachers even defended Perry’s aggressive behavior as a part of his black identity.

The word “elite” is dangerous when applied to boarding schools, but it is valid here. According to Business Insider, a list of the top 50 schools in the country was compiled based on factors such as average SAT scores and endowment. Of the 50 schools on this list, nine are in the northeast.

Lawrenceville School

The Lawrenceville School is a coeducational boarding and day school in New Jersey, located just five miles from Princeton and a short drive from Philadelphia. Its collegiate atmosphere, small class sizes, and over 150 advanced courses are renowned. Tuition is about $44,100 for day students and $53,320 for boarding students. Financial aid is available to help cover the cost of tuition. The average grant amount is $38,980.

The Lawrenceville School is an elite prep school in New Jersey that serves grades five through 12. It offers a classical college preparatory curriculum and requires students to complete two years of Greek and Latin. The school begins and ends the day with chapel services. The students enroll in all Ivies and have the highest enrollment at Yale.

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